Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Days of Aloneness Are Almost Over

The new Golden Age we are all entering is to be a time of wonder and magic beyond your comprehension. You do not want to miss it, Beloveds!

November 17, 2009 Message from St. Germain: The Days of Aloneness Are Almost Over

Greetings, Beloved Lightworkers,

Today I wish to discuss with you the merits of abstaining from the everyday entertainments of the World that you live in and which are so prevalent at this time. Know that the temptation to partake in lower energy is very insidious and every Lightworker should be on guard to protect themselves from being infiltrated by these energies. In order to rise to higher levels of Light and frequency, one has to permeate oneself with constant higher thoughts, including these in each daily activity. There are so many entertainments in your World that are strictly geared to enslave you in their prime intent of divide and conquer. As a Lightworker rises in frequency levels, there is a natural falling away of these things and for those who aspire to Ascension, one must walk an impeccable Path.

There has been much that each of you have given up already and we know that you have been willing and that each of you are striving to walk in the Light of Purity. This Light is the hope of the World, for it is your efforts that are rallying the Awakening Ones around you. By maintaining your resolve to live a life of devotion to the integration with your Great I AM Presences and foregoing much of so called earthly pleasures, you have been forging many Paths for your fellow Awakenings Ones to follow. You may have noticed the movement that is afoot at this time. The Awakening Ones are powerful Souls who were in agreement to Awaken at just this time in order to create great changes upon the Earth. They are rising up in every facet of life upon Earth and demanding a better way, more accountability in those they previously trusted their very lives to by not questioning the decisions that were made for them and are now realizing that they have been giving their power and sovereignty away and are now taking these back.

Everywhere you look, you can see that the old system is no longer supported by the masses and the writing is on the wall for those who instituted the old system, for Humanity will no longer allow itself to be manipulated in this way. The deceptions that had been employed before are no longer working and there is much confusion and fear amongst these Ones. The Earth Herself is no longer supporting these Ones and their activities and so there is coming a time when their reign upon the Earth will be well and truly over. There is a better way and a better life upon the horizon for Humanity and all of life upon the Earth. The Earth Goddess has spoken and the Divine Feminine energy has been re-establishing her power and presence everywhere throughout her Kingdoms. At this time, the very Heavens are aligned with her and all is working in unison to bring the Divine Plan into fruition. Peace and harmony shall reign upon the Earth and all of Humanity will begin to know the reality of Peace.

As the Cosmic energies continue to come in, you will witness many changes taking place everywhere. Open your eyes and ears and watch the World around you for these changes and know that you might be called upon to give assistance in the ways that you have all been doing. In Unity, the Lightworkers can wield tremendous power and as you are called into action, you will be part of the peaceful revolution that is even now occurring. Keep your focus in the Now moments each day, be alert and aware. and give no credence to the fear mongers. Know that you have protection around you and your loved ones in every moment and that all is well. The days of aloneness on your Path of Light are almost over and this will become ever clearer as your walk your Path each day. Devote your thoughts and intentions to enjoy and connect to the World around you, for the very atmosphere is teeming with life of the most magical kind. The new Golden Age we are all entering is to be a time of wonder and magic beyond your comprehension. You do not want to miss it, Beloveds!

I AM St.Germain

(c)2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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