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Pope Alice for Pope – PAX media release

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Pope Alice for Pope – Will extraterrestrials play a role in the end of the Catholic Church and the establishment of a new spiritual belief system that replaces organized religion?

The shock resignation of Benedict XVI opens the doors for much needed change. The first major domino blocking change has now fallen!!!! The Pope’s surprise announcement is an example of the increased Light beaming on Planet Earth and the unfolding of the new Earth energies. Lightning literally struck the Vatican on the evening of the Pope’s announcement emphasizing the magnitude of unfolding events.

Large cracks are beginning to show in the three-dimensional illusion that has dominated humanity’s view of itself. We live in the sure and certain hope of a miracle, as only a miracle can save humanity from itself. The miracle of Higher Consciousness is unfolding in front of us and more importantly within each of us. You can feel Change in the air. Massive energy movement is afoot.

Is the Church seizing this moment to enter the modern era or will it remain locked in a Baroque fantasy world of delusion and increasing irrelevance? Millions of the Faithful hope the new pope will seize the moment to review the harsh Vatican policies that have caused so much harm in the world and which have left the papacy socially marooned and out of touch with the modern world.

Benedict’s departure was predicted as recently as last year. The demise of the papacy and the Church was predicted 900 years ago by St Malachi to be finalised with the 112th pope. Benedict was the 111th pope. See:

It’s been 600 Years since a pope has resigned. In doing so Benedict has shown an unexpected modern side to his nature. He has broken the tradition that a pope is for life. For many people Benedict XVI was stuck in dogma. His commendable stand against war and global poverty was very much tainted by his failure to meet contemporary challenges on many crucial social and moral issues and his attempted cover-up of the Church’s crimes against humanity including pedophilia.

The new Pontiff could initiate a renewal process for all humanity and remedy the shameful sexism and deceit that lies at the heart of Catholic doctrine and revise the church’s hardline stance against homosexuality and gay human rights. Its sexism is an insult to the whole female sex and the entire homosexual and transgender populations. The male-only priesthood is pure patriarchy.

Why did Benedict XVI choose to resign now and not wait until after the most highly anticipated event of Easter. What are the real reasons for his announcement? Is there truth in the Easter Reclamation Plan to arrest him and seize church wealth by Easter? A Diplomatic Note was allegedly issued by a particular European country to the Vatican just prior to his resignation. Has the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy?

Most are dismissive of his stated health reason for resigning. Was he ordered to go by powerful behind the scene forces who believed that the time was right for a new Pope? Was he ordered to resign, for example, by the Knights of Malta, a powerful Catholic order, which has sovereign representative status at the United Nations?

The resignation of Benedict XVI offers the Catholic Church an extraordinary opportunity for positive change, reinvention and reengagement with the wider world. Until now the Church has been the greatest blockage to human progress with its sexism and opposition to scientific advancement. Will the Church remain part of an orchestrated secret strategy where asteroids and extraterrestrials are to replace terrorism as the preeminent ‘false flag’ global threats? Or will it place itself at the service of the Truth? Here is an opportunity for the new pontiff to acknowledge that the very basis of most religions is a record of contact with extraterrestrial beings, not gods, but advanced humans like ourselves.

An incident that occurred in Fatima, Portugal in 1917, which Pope Benedict has played a role in interpreting for the rest of the world could hold the key to his resignation. Fatima was an alleged UFO encounter witnessed by thousands where three children received apparitions of a lady (interpreted by the Church to be the Virgin Mary), who gave three secrets about the future – one of which appears to confirm St Malachy’s vision of the end of the Catholic Church with the 112th pope.

Be not afraid. Will extraterrestrials play a role in the end of the Catholic Church and the establishment of a new spiritual belief system that replaces organized religion? The lightning bolt after the Pope’s announcement seemed to be a harbinger of such a fantastic possibility. Pope Alice, a manifestation of extraterrestrial consciousness living in our midst, is a worthy choice for pope. She has the right connections and is of the appropriate gender to assist humanity adjust during this period of enormous transition.
“New Clear Vision, not nuclear fission.” Pope Alice

LuXifer Fox
PAX (Pope Alice Xorporation)